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Torn Achilles Update – Running Again!

Well I thought I would never make it to this point, but I went running on the treadmill yesterday!  Sure, it was a very slow jog and I alternated between fast walking and slow jogging, but it was running!  It felt amazing and once I got off the treadmill it felt like I was floating for a few minutes.  I am just past the 4 month mark of my surgery, so this is a pretty good recovery time according to my doctor.  I still have ups and downs with it, and plan on taking the running very slowly, but am so happy about this milestone.

I still am frustrated that this happened to me, and mad about the Levaquin connection.  I make sure to tell everyone I meet that the ER doctors said it most likely wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t taking Levaquin at the time.  Have you had a similar experience, or are you currently taking Levaquin?  If you are taking it, I am telling you do not exercise while you are on it!  I wish someone had told me that!

Torn Achilles Update – No More Boot

Scar from ruptured achilles tendon surgery to reconnect torn tendon

Scar Is Healing Well

I saw the doctor this morning and I am now cleared to get out of the boot and actually put a shoe on my left foot!  I’m really excited and can’t believe I have made it this far.  Two days ago, when taking out the trash, I put on my sandals just to run the trash can to the curb and it felt really good to have a sandal on my left foot.  Even though I have been going barefoot around the house without the boot, it was different to be in a shoe.  Mentally it felt like progress and it seemed to make walking a bit easier and better.  The doctor told me I am cleared to wear shoes when walking around and at work (sitting in front of a computer isn’t too strenuous!), but if I do anything even a little active like yard work or playing with the kids, he wants me back in the boot.  The scar is healing well and the hair is growing back on my leg.  I have been going to physical therapy three times a week and that is going well too.  We haven’t done anything too aggressive, but just moving the foot around and having the joint and scar area manipulated by the therapist is great.

Torn Achilles Update – No More Crutches

I’m walking on my own two feet again (sort of) and so glad to be rid of the crutches.  Yesterday I didn’t use them for most of the day, and limped without putting my full weight on my left leg.  Today I saw the doctor again and now I can put full weight on my leg, but I need to remain in the boot for about two more weeks.

Torn Achilles Update – Down to One Crutch

I saw the doctor again today and I am now down to using one crutch.  I can start putting weight on my left leg.  Starting today I can put weight on as I can tolerate it, up to my full weight on it in 2 weeks.  Full weight also means getting rid of the other crutch!  I like being down to one crutch because now I have one hand free for carrying things.  This is already so much better than two crutches!  Also starting physical therapy this week.  Will give more updates as that progresses.  I am still amazed that I really have had no pain from this at all since the surgery.  It is uncomfortable, and the back of my leg/heal is really tight, but no pain.

Torn Achilles Tendon – Scary Levaquin Connection

Levaquin contributed to ruptured achilles tendon - leg in splint here with crutches

After Surgery To Reconnect Achilles Tendon

I’m writing this while laying on my couch with my left leg in a splint after I had surgery yesterday to reconnect a torn achilles tendon in my left leg.  As a healthy active 37 year old, should I really be going through this painful ordeal, and what is the connection with the antibiotic Levaquin?  Continue reading

“DIG” – My New Inspirational Mantra

My main exercise for the last several years has been mountain biking.  I am used to mountain biking where my mind is constantly working – eyes scanning the trail ahead, figuring out the best line, changing gears, and working hard to go as fast as possible without wrecking.  Recently I have started running again, and also joined our local gym and started working out with the weight machines.  This has put me in unfamiliar territory with my mind not as utilized and having nothing specific to focus on.  For me, this makes the workout more challenging as I have to overcome the physical exertion plus the potential mental boredom.

I figured out that saying “dig” in my head while working out is a great inspirational thing.  It is short, simple, and conveys so much in such a simple 3 letter word.  Dig for more energy, dig deeper into your reserves, dig in and push yourself further than you have before.  So now, while running or doing another set of boring reps on the weight machine, my new mantra is “dig”.