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Master Cleanse – Day 11

Today has been my turning point. I finally have started to feel some of that energy that is talked about with the Master Cleanse. I don’t have anything to add today, I just am glad that I’m feeling good. This also verifies for me that going past 10 days for me has been necessary to really clean myself out. Stay tuned for more.

Master Cleanse – Day 3

According to most people, getting through day 3 is the biggest hurdle for doing the Master Cleanse.  I’m at day 3 and doing pretty good.  For me, day 2 yesterday was worse than day 3.  I’m going to cover some ideas to help you get through the mental issue of not eating for so long.
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Master Cleanse – Day 1

Well, here I go!  I started today on a Master Cleanse which I plan on doing for at least 10 days and may do 14 days this time. Ah, that familiar process of squeezing the lemons and that familiar taste of spicy lemonade sweetened with maple syrup. Hopefully some of my ideas and insights can help you with mental preparation and fortitude to make it through if you are thinking of doing a cleanse yourself.  Stay tuned for more.  If you haven’t read it and you are interested, grab a pdf copy of Stanley Burroughs’ original book.  Keep in mind that it was written in the 70’s and is quite technical and dry.  Still an interesting read.

Master Cleanse Time

I have been thinking about doing another Master Cleanse or lemonade diet for most of the summer. My health has increasingly gotten worse and my head more filled will mucus. I have been getting more frequent headaches lately, and today I have a blistering one again. It has been several years since I did my last Master Cleanse and while it isn’t a fun process, I was really really pleased with the results.

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Look Where You Want To Go

How can you go somewhere if you don’t know where you want to go?  This article is about finding your goal or purpose before you start so you have a place to focus.  The idea of looking where you want to go is used in racing whether car, truck, motorcycle, or bike.  The idea is to not to keep your visual focus on obstacles, but to focus on where you want to go.  Then the vehicle will go where you look easier.  I have found this advice works great when I am mountain biking.  Yes, if I look down and carefully watch the roots or rocks I can make it through the obstacles, but I end up going slower and I don’t have advance visual notice of what is ahead. Continue reading

Make Time For Health

It is important to stay on top of your health and well being.  Many people get caught up in the rush of our modern day lives and forget to take care of themselves.  While we have great new technology and medical knowledge available to us, it isn’t useful if we don’t take the time to benefit from it.

Get Checked Out

It is so important to see your doctor regularly, but many people don’t do this and keep putting it off.  Regular annual checkups with your primary doctor can help to catch things before they become major health problems.  Also, if you wear glasses it is important to get your eyes checked every year.  Wearing out-of-date prescriptions isn’t healthy for you and you deserve to see the world better too.

Stay On Top Of Health Issues

If you know you have specific problems make sure to keep up with them.  I have found relief from chronic headaches by seeing a chiropractor.  When I slip up and don’t get in for a while, then it takes longer to get my neck and headaches back under control.  A little time used by going in regularly saves me in the long run by keeping things in check.

Listen To Your Body

Your body is great at sending out signals when something is wrong.  If you keep getting headaches, don’t just hide them with pain medicine every day, try to figure out what is going on.  Don’t ignore your body, but take the time to listen to it and figure out what it is trying to tell you.  Sometimes you may need to go to several different doctors, specialists, or alternative medicine practitioners before you figure it out.

Logan Challenge

My challenge to you today is to be honest with yourself and write down what you need to do for your health, whether this is getting in to your regular doctor for a checkup, or pursuing a specific health problem.  Then take action and follow up.  Your body will thank you and your family will thank you as well for taking care of yourself!