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How To Order Vegetarian & Vegan At Taco Bell

First off, I’m not advocating eating fast food all the time.  It is best left as an occasional thing, but Taco Bell has tons of vegetarian and vegan options when you know what to order.  It is also a really kid-friendly place and great for those days where you’ve just had it and don’t feel like making another meal at home for the kids.  Here are my tips and info on what and how to order at Taco Bell.

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Garden Of Life – Raw Cleanse

I recently bought a cleanse kit from Garden of Life called the Raw Cleanse.  It is a 7 day cleaning and detoxification kit.  I’m planning on starting it tomorrow and trying it out.  I’ll post my progress and results.  The kit consists of three parts:

  1. RAW Cleanse Toxin Defense – optimal oral health and immune system support.
  2. RAW Cleanse Organ Detox – natural detoxification of organs and GI tract
  3. RAW Cleanse Digestion & Elimination – toxin capture and removal

I’ll explain each component as I go through them.  I got my kit from our local Sprouts store for a little over $30 plus tax, but you can get it online from Amazon (RAW Cleanse – 7 day – Kit) for just under $30 with no tax and free shipping.  I liked it because the product is Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and claims to be less harsh than some of the other colon cleanse products on the market. Here are some pictures of the whole box and the 3 parts inside.

Garden of Life - RAW Cleanse

Garden of Life – RAW Cleanse Box
Garden of Life - RAW Cleanse - 3 components

3 Components of the Garden of Life RAW Cleanse

Sherwood Forest Faire – Review

Sherwood Forest Faire - Paolo Garbonzo Performing

Sherwood Forest Faire - Paolo Garbonzo Performing

For Austinites wanting to do the renaissance festival thing, our choices so far have been a long drive out to the Texas Renaissance Festival towards Houston in the Fall, or a long drive to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival up near Dallas in the late Spring.  Well starting now (Spring of 2010), we have a new option in the Sherwood Forest Faire which is a mere 35 miles east of Austin, Texas on U.S. Highway 290.  It opened for the first time this past weekend, and my family and I went yesterday on the festival’s second day of existance.  This is my review – with an eye for the vegetarian aspect as well as the family fun.  Continue reading