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Sherwood Forest Faire – Review

Sherwood Forest Faire - Paolo Garbonzo Performing

Sherwood Forest Faire - Paolo Garbonzo Performing

For Austinites wanting to do the renaissance festival thing, our choices so far have been a long drive out to the Texas Renaissance Festival towards Houston in the Fall, or a long drive to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival up near Dallas in the late Spring.  Well starting now (Spring of 2010), we have a new option in the Sherwood Forest Faire which is a mere 35 miles east of Austin, Texas on U.S. Highway 290.  It opened for the first time this past weekend, and my family and I went yesterday on the festival’s second day of existance.  This is my review – with an eye for the vegetarian aspect as well as the family fun.  Continue reading

I’m Back, It’s Official, and I’m Full of Ideas

I have been going through several trying things personally, and have needed some of my own motivation.  Well, I’m back and plan on updating the blog regularly and bringing you lots of helpful ideas and motivation.

The blog is official now – I have completed the incorporation of this blog, so please welcome Lopaul Industries, LLC to life!  I want this to be more than a casual hobby, so I committed to making it a business and have begun investing in it and treating it as a business entity.

Look for new and current posts.  I have a notebook full of ideas and a number of draft posts already in progress.  I also have exciting ideas about how I can help my readers with motivation and inspiration.  Please stay tuned as I kick this thing into high gear and start cranking things out.

Faire Food

Well today was not a healthy food day, but we had fun. We spent the day at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville which is a 2.5 hour drive from Austin. The gluten-free went out the window for the day, and we enjoyed fried mushrooms, fried cheese sticks, macaroni and cheese, mini donuts (beignet in faire-speak), and even fried Snickers bars! Mmm, so good it is hard to resist.

I’m writing this post using the iPhone WordPress app which seems pretty good at first glance. I may do a future post about it once I’ve had some tome using it.

Happy Halloween

Our Pumpkin for Halloween 2009

Our Pumpkin for Halloween 2009

Logan here wishing you and your family a very happy Halloween!  This is probably my favorite holiday of the year.  I love the feeling of fall and the general spirit of Halloween.  It is very improper, as far as holidays go and I love that about it.

Here is our carved pumpkin for this year.  I try to make it a team effort to pick the pumpkin’s facial features.  The kids all get to think up ideas and vote on each part of the face.  I use a crayon to lightly draw the design on the pumpkin.  Then they get to take turns grabbing out handfuls of the guts before dad does the cutting part.