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“DIG” – My New Inspirational Mantra

My main exercise for the last several years has been mountain biking.  I am used to mountain biking where my mind is constantly working – eyes scanning the trail ahead, figuring out the best line, changing gears, and working hard to go as fast as possible without wrecking.  Recently I have started running again, and also joined our local gym and started working out with the weight machines.  This has put me in unfamiliar territory with my mind not as utilized and having nothing specific to focus on.  For me, this makes the workout more challenging as I have to overcome the physical exertion plus the potential mental boredom.

I figured out that saying “dig” in my head while working out is a great inspirational thing.  It is short, simple, and conveys so much in such a simple 3 letter word.  Dig for more energy, dig deeper into your reserves, dig in and push yourself further than you have before.  So now, while running or doing another set of boring reps on the weight machine, my new mantra is “dig”.

Staycation – Top 7 Tips

With the economy still bad and people continuing to watch their budgets I’ve seen and heard a lot lately about “stay”cations or taking a vacation, but not going anywhere.  Yes, it is a good way to save some money, but make sure that you do it right.  A staycation done wrong will just waste your vacation time.  Here are my top 7 tips if you choose to vacation at home. Continue reading

Just Do It

Yeah, I know that is the Nike slogan and is overdone and overused, but it is still great advice to live by. Actually take a look at it and listen to the great advice instead of just hearing the marketing slogan.

We all have those long-forgotten To Do lists, those tasks we are “eventually” going to do. Take today and Just Do It for something.

Just Do It (Today)

I have found that the more you put things off, the less likely they are to happen. Stop making excuses and do something today that you have been wanting to do. If you get in the habit of doing things right away you can change your way of thinking and become a person of action.

Just Do It (Be Active)

The general idea behind this is to be active instead of passive or inert. Stop watching the world do things around you, stop being a passive watcher and be a doer.

Just Do It (Something, Anything)

Stop making excuses, stop feeling tired, stop placing blame. There is nothing stopping you from doing what you want. Find your it and just do it. Start small or start big, just pick something. Make sure you see it all the way through and finish it. In that sense, starting small can be a good idea because you can build on your accomplishments. Sometimes, however, you need to totally shake things up and find something big to do.

So my Logan Challenge for you today is to find something and Just Do It. Comment here and let me know what you did and how you feel.

What Is – Living Better?

So what exactly do I mean by living better?  I’ll spell out in this post what type of things I’ll cover and what point of view I have.

Eating Better

I always keep the adage of “you are what you eat” in mind.  What ever you put into your body becomes your body.  I will cover topics like eating organic, eating healthy, eating less, and eating higher quality foods.  I’ll also offer tips for food and meals.

Treating Your Body Better

After eating better, exercise is one of the most important things you can do.  I’ll cover weight loss, exercise, cleansing your body, alternative healing methods like acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and herbal therapy.

Treating Others Better

When we strip away all the junk of daily living, we are left with basic human interactions.  I’ll cover topics like getting back to basics and getting more from your relationships.

Treating Animals Better

I have been a vegetarian for 17 years now, and will cover topics of vegetarianism, animal rights, and being aware of how animals are treated.

Treating The World Better

Our world is being abused every day.  We can each do our own small part to help out with the things we chose to buy, the companies we choose to patronize, and working hard to minimize our carbon- and trash- footprints on the earth.

Living Simply and Simply Living

In our day of rush-rush and consumerism, I’ll help to remind you that we all can benefit from simplifying and reducing stress.  I’ll cover tips for getting back to the basics, as well as financial advice.

Inspiration For Living Better

Hopefully all of this will result in small ways to inspire you to live better.  Some times it might be a complete paradigm shift while others might be just a small tip to help get you through the day.  I’m not perfect myself, so I plan on working through some of these myself.  I hope you decide to join me on this journey.