Eating Vegetarian Without Cooking – Rice And Tofu

Finished Dish - Rice and Tofu

Finished Dish - Rice and Tofu

This was a really simple dish which I was surprised that I got the kids to eat and enjoy pretty easily.  There is a little cooking involved if you count the rice, but hopefully that is easy enough.

I have also tried to get a little fancy with the sauce which I cook in a small pot on the stove.  Even with these two things though, this is still a very simple dish.

I have gotten in the habit lately of making rice once or twice a week and have it figured out pretty good.  I use two cups of dry rice so I get enough for leftovers for use the next few days.

First start a pot or rice-maker of rice going.  This is the longest part of the dish.

Then start the tofu by pressing the water out of a block of extra-firm tofu.  I have found several organic brands at different stores here, but find that extra-firm is the easiest to work with for dishes like this.  I wrap it in a few layers of paper towel and then place a bowl on top with a can or two from your pantry in the bowl to add weight.  If you do this about the time you start the rice, then the timing works out pretty good.

For sauce you can use just plain soy sauce or something similar.  Lately I have tried experimenting with cooking a sauce on the stove.  I start with a few cups of vegetable broth and add whatever I have on hand – soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc.  The kids have liked the sauces, but my wife hated them and suggested I take a sauce-making class before continuing to experiment!

Tofu and Rice being assembled

Tofu and Rice being assembled

When the tofu is sufficiently pressed, cut it into cubes.  Then take a big microwave-safe bowl and put the tofu in.  I also happened to have a zucchini so I sliced that and added it as well.  Pour the sauce over the tofu.  Then heat it in the microwave for several minutes until it is nice and hot.  Stirring in between will help to get the tofu thoroughly coated and soaked with the sauce.  Then simply plate some tofu and sauce over a bed of rice.

Even though this one involves a little more cooking than some of my other meals, I have found myself making this fairly often lately because it really is simple once you get a system down.  I also feel good serving my kids rice and a simple tofu dish like this instead of another Morningstar Farms chik patty or something overly processed like that.  It is a simple, healthy dish and then I end up with leftover rice which I can use for the next mealtime.

When I actually figure out some sauces that work I’ll try to write up that as well.  Until then, you’ll have to experiment yourself.

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