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Torn Achilles Update – No More Crutches

I’m walking on my own two feet again (sort of) and so glad to be rid of the crutches.  Yesterday I didn’t use them for most of the day, and limped without putting my full weight on my left leg.  Today I saw the doctor again and now I can put full weight on my leg, but I need to remain in the boot for about two more weeks.

Torn Achilles Update – Making Progress

Wonderful boot on my left leg

I am making progress in my recovery from my ruptured Achilles tendon.  Yesterday I went back to the doctor and he adjusted the boot so it was in a neutral or 90 degree position.  Previously, the boot was angled down at a 30 degree droop in order to keep tension off of the tendon.  I am happy to be making forward progress, but going from the drooped and relaxed angle to a completely flat angle has been hard.  My tendon is really tight and has shrunk up so it is very uncomfortable to be stretched even into this neutral position.  The flat position is much easier to move around and more comfortable for things like sitting in the car, so overall it is good.  I still hate the crutches and I think that is the worst part of this whole ordeal.  Getting around on crutches just sucks.  My wrists are messed up and sore, and my armpits are getting sore and chaffed even though I mostly keep the weight off of the armpits like you are supposed to.  The hardest thing to get used to with crutches is that I can’t really carry anything.  I have been making great use of my back pockets and will stick food, bottles of water, whatever in my back pocket and hobble back and forth to the couch.  It is a real pain and I can’t wait to get off of the crutches.  More updates to come as I progress through this slow recovery.

Protective adjustable boot after achilles tendon rupture and surgery

This is the adjustable dial part of the boot