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Torn Achilles Update – Running Again!

Well I thought I would never make it to this point, but I went running on the treadmill yesterday!  Sure, it was a very slow jog and I alternated between fast walking and slow jogging, but it was running!  It felt amazing and once I got off the treadmill it felt like I was floating for a few minutes.  I am just past the 4 month mark of my surgery, so this is a pretty good recovery time according to my doctor.  I still have ups and downs with it, and plan on taking the running very slowly, but am so happy about this milestone.

I still am frustrated that this happened to me, and mad about the Levaquin connection.  I make sure to tell everyone I meet that the ER doctors said it most likely wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t taking Levaquin at the time.  Have you had a similar experience, or are you currently taking Levaquin?  If you are taking it, I am telling you do not exercise while you are on it!  I wish someone had told me that!

Torn Achilles Update – Down to One Crutch

I saw the doctor again today and I am now down to using one crutch.  I can start putting weight on my left leg.  Starting today I can put weight on as I can tolerate it, up to my full weight on it in 2 weeks.  Full weight also means getting rid of the other crutch!  I like being down to one crutch because now I have one hand free for carrying things.  This is already so much better than two crutches!  Also starting physical therapy this week.  Will give more updates as that progresses.  I am still amazed that I really have had no pain from this at all since the surgery.  It is uncomfortable, and the back of my leg/heal is really tight, but no pain.