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Gluten Free Pasta Tips

One of my sons and I are sensitive to wheat, so we have tried to eat more wheat and gluten free foods. In our house, pasta is a staple so not having pasta available as an option quickly became a problem. We tried a number of different wheat free pastas and found that some are terrible and some do a very good job resembling pasta. To hopefully save you some trial and error yourself, I give you my findings after much “error”.

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Vegetarian Offers

Here are some vegetarian and gluten free offers I recently found. Let me know if you have any feedback on any of them.  Click on the banners or images to go to each site.

This lady suffered from many health issues which ultimately were caused by sugar and food sensitivities to many grains.  She has put her years of experience into a book with both recipes and methods for transforming your favorite recipes to gluten-free and low-glycemic.

This book contains much about losing and maintaining weight with yoga, but also comes with a complete additional bonus book called Vegetarian Recipes for Health and Happiness.

This comes from a mother-daughter team with the mom’s handed down recipes and the daughter writing them all up in simple to read and use format.  This offer comes with lots of extras including books on weight loss and organic food.

Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy. A Step By Step Guide To A Vegetarian Lifestyle.  This comes with tons of extras including getting started basics, tons of recipes, simple formulas, things to watch out for, plus how to make sure you are getting everything you need.

Do you have any cookbooks or resources you find indispensable?  Be sure to comment and let me know about them.