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5 Tips To Be A Finisher, Not A Quitter

Are you a quitter instead of a finisher?  Do you have trouble finishing many things that you start?  I know I have had issues with this and have often found myself with a ton of projects, ideas, books, etc. all in half-complete stages or just simply left behind.  Well for today’s post I present my 5 top tips for helping you to be a finisher and stop being a quitter. Continue reading

Staycation – Top 7 Tips

With the economy still bad and people continuing to watch their budgets I’ve seen and heard a lot lately about “stay”cations or taking a vacation, but not going anywhere.  Yes, it is a good way to save some money, but make sure that you do it right.  A staycation done wrong will just waste your vacation time.  Here are my top 7 tips if you choose to vacation at home. Continue reading

Look Where You Want To Go

How can you go somewhere if you don’t know where you want to go?  This article is about finding your goal or purpose before you start so you have a place to focus.  The idea of looking where you want to go is used in racing whether car, truck, motorcycle, or bike.  The idea is to not to keep your visual focus on obstacles, but to focus on where you want to go.  Then the vehicle will go where you look easier.  I have found this advice works great when I am mountain biking.  Yes, if I look down and carefully watch the roots or rocks I can make it through the obstacles, but I end up going slower and I don’t have advance visual notice of what is ahead. Continue reading