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“DIG” – My New Inspirational Mantra

My main exercise for the last several years has been mountain biking.  I am used to mountain biking where my mind is constantly working – eyes scanning the trail ahead, figuring out the best line, changing gears, and working hard to go as fast as possible without wrecking.  Recently I have started running again, and also joined our local gym and started working out with the weight machines.  This has put me in unfamiliar territory with my mind not as utilized and having nothing specific to focus on.  For me, this makes the workout more challenging as I have to overcome the physical exertion plus the potential mental boredom.

I figured out that saying “dig” in my head while working out is a great inspirational thing.  It is short, simple, and conveys so much in such a simple 3 letter word.  Dig for more energy, dig deeper into your reserves, dig in and push yourself further than you have before.  So now, while running or doing another set of boring reps on the weight machine, my new mantra is “dig”.

I’m Back, It’s Official, and I’m Full of Ideas

I have been going through several trying things personally, and have needed some of my own motivation.  Well, I’m back and plan on updating the blog regularly and bringing you lots of helpful ideas and motivation.

The blog is official now – I have completed the incorporation of this blog, so please welcome Lopaul Industries, LLC to life!  I want this to be more than a casual hobby, so I committed to making it a business and have begun investing in it and treating it as a business entity.

Look for new and current posts.  I have a notebook full of ideas and a number of draft posts already in progress.  I also have exciting ideas about how I can help my readers with motivation and inspiration.  Please stay tuned as I kick this thing into high gear and start cranking things out.