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Twitter Tool – Tweepular

As a followup to my previous posts about Twitter (you can read part 1 and part 2) I wanted to tell you about Tweepular. I have many new followers every day now, and I want to follow them all back to keep the Twitter karma going. I found that my old recommendation – TwitterKarma – couldn’t handle the larger size of my followers list. Tweepular handles it great, has a nice interface, and has worked great for me. You can view separate lists that show people that you mutually follow, people who don’t follow you back, and people who only follow you. If you select the Tweeps only followin’ me tab, then you can select Bulk Follow and GO! and voila – you just followed all your new followers. This really beats hand-clicking on all the “follow” buttons in your follow list.

Tweepular has a tab that isn’t working yet labeled “Recent Unfollowers”. This is a much needed feature that they will hopefully release soon. In the mean time, I’m looking for a tool to monitor people that have unfollowed me. If you have one, please comment and let me know!