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How To Order Vegetarian & Vegan At Taco Bell

First off, I’m not advocating eating fast food all the time.  It is best left as an occasional thing, but Taco Bell has tons of vegetarian and vegan options when you know what to order.  It is also a really kid-friendly place and great for those days where you’ve just had it and don’t feel like making another meal at home for the kids.  Here are my tips and info on what and how to order at Taco Bell.

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Gluten Free Pasta Tips

One of my sons and I are sensitive to wheat, so we have tried to eat more wheat and gluten free foods. In our house, pasta is a staple so not having pasta available as an option quickly became a problem. We tried a number of different wheat free pastas and found that some are terrible and some do a very good job resembling pasta. To hopefully save you some trial and error yourself, I give you my findings after much “error”.

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