Clean Space – Clean Mind

This is a really simple thing, but I continually forget and rediscover the benefits of this one.  The tip is: clean up your space!  This can be your office, home office, living room, kitchen, anywhere that you work.  If you are having a hard time concentrating or working then look around you and see if you are surrounded by clutter.  Taking 10 minutes to clean up your workspace will save you more lost time in the long run.  It also has the added benefit of clearing your mind so you can think better.  If you haven’t touched something in a while, then you probably don’t need it so recycle it, throw it out, sell it, or donate it.  You will feel much better with less stuff around you.

I hadn’t updated this blog in a while and it was a little daunting to think about all the things I wanted to acomplish.  I have a list of topics I’m waiting to get down on the site and also a ton of ideas in my head for the site design.  Before beginning I took a few minutes and cleaned up my home office and now I feel like I can go all night!

This is a great starting point for my future topic of reducing your possesions to live a simpler life.  I’ll link to it from here once I get it written.

Also, this is a great place to introduce a new concept that I call Logan Challenges.  These will be simple things that I challenge you to do.  Post a comment about what you did and the results.  So here is your first Logan Challenge – clean up the space you are working in right now!

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