iPhone Tip Of The Day – Screen Capture

iPhone Main Screen

iPhone Main Screen

Have you seen blog posts or stories where they included really nice screen captures from an iPhone and wondered how they did it?  Well I did too.  I was curious about how to do this because the iPhone only allows one program running at a time.  Well, I did some searching and the answer is simple and awesome!

The secret is that the screen capture functionality is built into the iPhone OS – and it works great.

  • Press and hold the <home> button
  • Press the <sleep/wake> button on the top

The screen will then flash white and you will hear the camera click sound.  It takes a little playing around to get the right combination and button hold times, but once you figure it out it is simple.  The pictures get added to your camera roll right along with the rest of your camera pictures.  Then when you sync the phone next just suck them down with iPhoto or your favorite Windows image software.

Here are some examples from two of my favorite games:

Screen Capture From Toobz

Screen Capture From Toobz

Screen Capture of Toki Tori

Screen Capture From Toki Tori

Now that you know the secret, lets see some awesome screen captures! If you have one, comment below and link to it.

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