Master Cleanse – Day 13

So tomorrow is my last day and I’m feeling great having made it well past my goal of more than 10 days. Now is the time to start thinking about breaking the cleanse. Today I’ll cover some ideas and tips for ending your cleanse.

How To End The Cleanse

The first things to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t go right back to eating normally.  Do not try to make up for not eating by gorging yourself.  You will feel terrible – both physically and mentally/emotionally.  According to Stanley Burroughs’ original book (there is a link for it in my first day of Master Cleanse post) you should take 3 days to slowly get back to eating and resume normal (or better yet, improved) eating on the 4th day after you finish the cleanse.

Here are the recommendations:

Day 1

Drink several glasses of orange juice.  Nothing more than orange juice for the first day

Day 2

Drink orange juice again in the morning and afternoon and have vegetable soup – heavy on the broth and light on the vegetables – for dinner.

Day 3

Drink orange juice in the morning, vegetable soup for lunch, and normal (vegetarian) meal for dinner

Day 4

Resume eating normally

At the end of Burroughs’ book he has recipes and recommendations for eating habits.  It is a good read with many interesting suggestions.

Going Forward

After a cleanse it is a great time to rethink your everyday diet and make changes.  You are hopefully feeling better, more energetic, and have lost some weight.  Don’t get back into your old habits, but take this opportunity to make changes.  One of the ideas I agree with most in Burroughs’ book is keeping it simple and small.  We have been trained to overeat and we think we need a wide variety of foods.  The quantity and variety of different foods can be bad for our systems – having to work overtime to digest and process all that extra food, and deal with disparate foods that have different digestive requirements.  Just to be clear – variety from day-to-day is great; wide variety at the same time can contribute to digestion problems.

Logan Challenge

I’ll end today with a challenge for you – pick just one thing you want to change about your diet and make that change.  Have you been thinking about making a big change like going vegetarian or vegan?  Maybe something like reducing portion size, getting more fresh fruit, or cooking more.  Pick one thing and make the change.  Make sure to comment and tell me about it.

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