Master Cleanse – Day 3

According to most people, getting through day 3 is the biggest hurdle for doing the Master Cleanse.  I’m at day 3 and doing pretty good.  For me, day 2 yesterday was worse than day 3.  I’m going to cover some ideas to help you get through the mental issue of not eating for so long.

Change Your Mind

The biggest thing to get over is the concept of not eating.  We are so addicted to the act and ritual of eating that it is extremely strange to not eat.  I find that the hunger can very easily be managed by drinking more lemonade – sometimes with an extra bit of syrup – and drinking water.  The thing I missed most was craving the act of eating.  Thinking about what you are going to eat, preparing it, smelling it, and then the texture, taste, and process of eating.  You need to get it in your head right away that you are not going to eat!  There is no “cheating” on this – it isn’t a diet.  It is a cleanse.  If you eat anything then you completely mess up things and it isn’t a cleanse and it isn’t worth doing.

Eye On The Goal

Keep an eye on your goal.  Pick something or several things and write them down or document them somehow.  My first cleanse the goals were weight loss and clearing up the mucus in my head.  This time my goals are clearing up my head (again), hopefully clearing up some skin rashes, and getting back some energy and mental clarity.  When you are really craving something to eat it helps to have a goal in mind.

It Will End

After you get through the first couple of days, then you can count down the days left until the end.  It will end, you will feel better, and food will taste that much better when you have properly earned your way through your Master Cleanse goals.  Keep at it and keep positive.

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