Master Cleanse – Day 5

I have really been feeling the effects of the detoxification and it hasn’t been pleasant.  In addition to feeling like I want to eat, I have the misery of my body clearing out junk that I’m finally allowing time to clear.  Today I’m going to talk about some of the detox effects and symptoms.

Feeling Sick Is Normal

I have had the chills of-and-on almost since I started and have probably been running a low-grade fever as well.  I have also been blowing my nose almost non-stop and putting my neti pot and my NeilMed bottle through their paces even more than usual.  Feeling sick can definitely be normal.  Your body is finally able to not invest energy in digesting and processing the constant stream of food we usually subject ourselves to.  This extra energy is now being used to clear out toxins and waste from your body.  It has to go somewhere, and it is trying to get out!

Worse Before It Gets Better

Keep in mind that things will get worse before they start to get better.  This goes for lots of things here: cravings, ailments, feeling sick, etc.  Even things like specific health issues – I had some skin irritation and rashes that I’m hoping will clear up, but they have gotten worse since I started.  Only today have they started to turn around the other way towards hopefully clearing up.

Be Smart

I wanted to close by saying to please be smart.  Most mild ailments will be caused by the detoxification process.  If you are feeling really terrible, don’t hesitate to get help, start eating, or get yourself to a hospital if things get that bad.  It just isn’t worth risking your life over this process.  You can always try again in the future.

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