Master Cleanse – Day 7

Well I’m cruising through my Master Cleanse and feeling pretty good.  Today I thought I’d cover some basic tips and things I’ve found useful regarding the actual process of making the lemonade.

Making Lemonade

I found that squeezing all the lemons in the morning works really well for me.  I picked up some 32 oz. plastic bottles from my local Whole Foods.  They are the kind that are made out of better plastic that is supposed to not leech into the drink.  Since each of them contains the equivalent of 4 8oz servings of the lemonade, that means you can quadruple the recipe.  Then drink up to 3 of the bottles for the entire day and that is your correct amount of lemonade.  So I squeeze 2 lemons into each bottle, add 8 Tablespoons of maple syrup, and about 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  Here are a few tips that I found as well:

  • Put just the lemon juice and the maple syrup in the bottle.  Add the water and cayenne when you are ready to drink
  • Find a container like a shot glass that is about 8 TBSP to make measuring out the maple syrup easier
  • Make sure to rinse your cutting board, knife, lemon juicer, etc. before sticking it in the dishwasher – the juice can have a corrosive effect on everything else in the dishwasher by the end of the day.

Cayenne Comments

The cayenne deserves some focus as well.  It is an important part of the recipe as it will stir things up in you and help to expel toxins.  It is especially good for bringing mucus up and out.  Do not skip or skimp on the cayenne.  If it is too strong for you at first, don’t worry – start small and keep adding a little more as you go.

I have read some suggestions of using cayenne capsules instead of the powder.  I recommend against this.  Using a capsule prevents the cayenne from contacting your mouth and there is good evidence that part (possibly a large part) of the process that happens comes from the cayenne reacting in your mouth.

Two other recommendations:

  1. Don’t add the cayenne ahead of time, or let it sit in the lemonade for any length of time.  It seems to get hotter as it sits in the lemonade.  Add it right before you are ready to drink the lemonade.
  2. Sometimes you just want to drink the lemonade by itself.  It really does taste pretty good without the cayenne messing it up.  In this case, just add a little water to the cayenne by itself – in a shot glass works great – and drink it by itself.  Then you can enjoy the lemonade without the spiciness.

Have any tips or questions?  Be sure to comment and let me know.  Keep following for more tips and insight.

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