Master Cleanse Time

I have been thinking about doing another Master Cleanse or lemonade diet for most of the summer. My health has increasingly gotten worse and my head more filled will mucus. I have been getting more frequent headaches lately, and today I have a blistering one again. It has been several years since I did my last Master Cleanse and while it isn’t a fun process, I was really really pleased with the results.

If you aren’t familiar with the Master Cleanse, it is a liquid fast which acts as a detoxification program.  It was thought up in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs. The bare basics of it are that you do not eat solid food for 10-14 (or more) days and drink only lemonade made fresh with organic lemons, organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.


I have the basics like lemon juicer and plastic bottles from my previous time doing the cleanse, but today I went shopping for the ingredients. I got 2 jugs of maple syrup, 4 big bags of lemons, and 4 smaller bags of limes.  You need to plan on about 5-7 lemons per person per day.  I also picked up another box of Smooth Moves herbal tea.


Last time one of my main objectives was weight loss, as I was 20+ pounds overweight.  I successfully lost over 20 pounds doing the cleanse.  This time, I am just slightly above my desired weight, so my main objective is detoxification.

My other main objective this time is to document my process and experience to create an ebook I plan on offering to my readers.  Last time I experimented with different ways of managing the actual making of the lemonade and I came up with some things that really worked well.  I believe my methods would be useful.  I also believe that I can offer inspiration for making it through the cleanse.

Logan Challenge

If you have been thinking about doing a Master Cleanse, or if you are having health issues and think it might help, I challenge you to plan and prepare and do the Master Cleanse yourself.  I’ll post more ideas and inspiration here as I go through the process and give updates on my ebook.

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