New Year’s 2009 – My Resolutions

This follow-up to my previous post is a place to document my resolutions for 2009.  I will periodically check in and see how I am doing with these and keep you updated.

Do more

I have struggled with being “inert” my whole life.  I spend far too much time letting others or the world decide things for me.  In 2009, I resolve to be more active and assertive and simply “do more”.  That includes keeping this blog alive and continuing to post.

Spend more time interacting with my kids

I have been fortunate in that I have been able to spend quite a bit of time with my kids.  I get home fairly early, we’ve taken vacations, I had time at home with them when each one was born.  I have found myself being with them, but not necessarily interacting with them or really listening to to them.  In 2009, I resolve to interact more with my kids.

Stay in shape and maintain my weight

I lost over 20 pounds last year and I’m happy with my weight.  Look for future topics on what worked for me and some of my tips.  I resolve to keep the weight off and maintain the healthy weight I have worked so hard to achieve.  I also resolve to continue to stay in shape.  For the last few years I have managed to get out mountain biking at least once a week and I want to continue and build on that habit.

Get stronger

I have never been one for weight training, but have always had an interest in having more muscle and being stronger.  I resolve to find a plan or program to strenghten my muscles.

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