Eating Vegetarian Without Cooking – Easy Burritos

These simple burritos can be made in 5 minutes in the microwave.  Using black bean dip makes it easier than cooking up beans and they taste delicious.




    Corn tortillas
    Black bean dip
    Shredded cheese*
    Sour cream*

* = substitute vegan cheese and omit the sour cream for vegan version.

I use corn tortillas because we try to minimize wheat.  Substitute flour tortillas if wheat/gluten is ok for you.

Also you can add lettuce or other fresh vegetables if you have them on hand.


If your corn tortillas aren’t moist they will easily break.  Wrap up a few in a wet paper towel and microwave them alone for about 30 seconds.  This softends them up nicely.

Bean Burrito Step 1 and 2 - adding bean dip and cheese

- Step 1 and 2 -

1) Lay the tortillas on a plate and spread a row of bean dip on each one.  I love Guiltless Gormet Spicy Black Bean Dip (which my wife hates) and my wife loves Arriba! Black Bean Dip (which I hate).  Experiment to find one you like.

2) Sprinkle the shredded cheese or cheese substitue on the beans.

- Step 3 -

- Step 3 -

3) Microwave.  This will depend on how many you heat at a time and your microwave.  I do about 45 seconds to a minute for 2 burritos.

- Step 4 -

- Step 4 -

4) Add guacamole and sour cream

5) Roll up and enjoy!

- Step 5 -

- Step 5 -

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