Eating Vegetarian – Without Cooking

I’m going to start a regular segment called Eating Vegetarian Without Cooking.  By “without cooking” I mean simple meals that can be made quickly either with no cooking at all or by using a microwave or toaster oven.  I never have much time for cooking, and with three small kids I have learned a few things about feeding people (myself included) quickly, simply, and vegetarian.

Vegetarian / Vegan

Everything I feature will be vegetarian and I will make an effort to provide vegan alternatives.  I have tried to be vegan in the past, but I like cheese too much and have found that the effort required to go the extra mile for vegan is too much to fit into my life right now.  If you have suggestions for help on the vegan path I’d be glad to hear them.


I plan on keeping these posts as simple as the meal suggestions they are documenting.  I’ll have a short list of required ingredients and then step by step directions with pictures as I go along.  At the end I’ll call out vegan alternatives plus any variations you can try.

You Can Help

If you have any specific requests or suggestions for future meals, please let me know in the comments section or my new contact page.

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